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• PUBLIC transport fares have been temporarily slashed to a flat rate of 50 cents across Queensland in a new State Government initiative to help alleviate congested roads and cost of living pressures. “What a wonderful, sensible initiative; wouldn’t it be fantastic if our NSW Government followed suit and slashed our fares too, giving us a bit of a helping hand in these challenging times,” a reader suggests.

• A READER was pleased to see the Canterbury Bankstown Community Information Directory 2024 released but says it’s a shame that we’re already halfway through May. “I guess it’s just another case of ‘better late than never’ as it contains a lot of valuable info that seniors in particular will find useful,” he said. A council spokesperson said the directory was released in April due to a production delay. It will be prioritising an earlier delivery for the 2025 edition.

• ARE you a learner driver who would like to get familiar with driving on a range of roads? The council is offering a free ‘Learner Driver Log Book Run’ offering different road experiences, what it’s like to be breath-tested and more plus you’ll earn 1.5 hours for your log book. It’s on Sunday, June 23, 10am-noon, with meetup at CARES facility in Bass Hill. Registrations essential at

• HOW far will you go for the men in your life? ‘Walk for Him’ is a fundraising event for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, with all funds going towards life-saving research, awareness campaigns and support services. ‘Walk for Him’ is on in Men’s Health Week, June 10-16, and you can set your own distance or opt for the 25km challenge. For more info and to register:

• CANTERBURY’S Michael has been discovering the joys of early morning walking. “I’m loving the number of people who say hello, pooch owners are even more friendly. A highlight was when passing an elderly lady in her yard looking suspiciously at me until I said ‘Kalimera’ (Greek for good morning). Her face lit up asking if I was Greek, which I’m not, but feel as though I’ve made new a friend.”

BASS High School will receive $1.7 million to build a much-needed new girls toilet, show and change room block, as well as an outdoor cover for sports courts, while Chester Hill High School will get$290,000 to create “The Caring Café” – an initiative for students who undertake Vocational Education and Training (VET) classes of Hospitality, Retail Services and Business Services to engage in practical work experience opportunities. “These are really important upgrades for our local schools,” said Minister for Education and Blaxland MP Jason Clare.

• BEV was finding it difficult finding another doctor to go to following the passing earlier this month of Dr Kong Wong who had a clinic at Condell Park for 44 years, as had some of her friends: “I wanted to let everyone know that the Bankstown Medical and Dental Centre, 67 Rickard Road, Bankstown, has plenty of doctors and is taking new patients. The staff there are lovely.”

• WITH the aim of getting more people to have a crack at tertiary study, applications are now open to establish up to 14 Suburban University Study Hubs. They will provide campus-style study spaces, as well as in-person administrative and academic skills support for students from low socio-economic backgrounds, First Nations people or those with a disability. Organisations are invited to apply before 5pm on July 29 at

• OFFERING fascinating trips outside of the city and theatre and multicultural restaurant visits as well as fun and friendship, Padstow Combined Probus Club meets on the first Friday of the month at Padstow RSL from 11am, with the next meeting on Friday, June 7. New members welcome; to find out more, call Secretary Val on 0417 265 516 or Vice President Bob on 0418 777 778.


• FURIOUS at the lengths some lazy people will go to, a Georges Hall resident had booked a council rubbish pick-up and within an hour of putting his rubbish out the front, someone had dumped a wheel and a tyre on top: “Of course, the council only picked up what was booked, leaving the tyre and wheel and now it’s up to me to dispose of it. Very frustrating.”

• A MARION Street resident is considering going to the expense of installing a front fence over a dog walker allowing his pet to poop in there whenever they pass, usually every couple of days. “I’ve complained to the council but I’m furious because I got up early this morning and it’s like the dog walker deliberately directs the animal to my yard. Some people have no respect for others.”

• A GAS explosion injured two workers at Georges Hall Public School last Wednesday morning, while a neighbour’s cooking set off smoke alarms at Canterbury South Public the night before. The workmen were working on a classroom heating system about 7.30am when the explosion occurred. They suffered burns to their faces and hands and were treated by paramedics. The night before firefighters were called to Canterbury South Public about 10.15pm after reports of a fire at the school. However, it was determined that smoke from neighbours cooking food had activated alarms and fire pumps.

• BLUE Note Espresso Bar owner Jad installed a pot plant out the front of his Revesby business about three months ago and was pleased to receive compliments about how nice it looked. Imagine his shock arriving for work last Saturday morning to find the pot plant had been stolen: “It was surprising to think that someone would take it and we’d like it back. Any information regarding its whereabouts would be appreciated.”

• HEARING on the radio a woman, 91, was fined $645 after letting her disability parking sticker lapse for a couple of weeks, a Revesby caller says it’s not fair that some people who really need this service get stung so badly when she sees numerous others abusing the system, parking in ‘disabled only’ places nearly every day and getting away with it. “The council would make a killing in fines if they just had a ranger installed outside one of our local supermarkets for an hour a day,” she said. “I regularly see people park in disabled spots just because they can’t be bothered parking a little further away, it’s not right.”

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  • Hi Torch

    Not sure if this would be of interest for the Good / Bad section. Its simply about two dumped rubbish issues.

    1. The rubbish is in the bush area known as Virginius Reserve, which sits between Virginius Street Padstow and Centaur Street Revesby. It has been there at least since late June this year. About a 2 & 1/2 minute walk along a beaten track deep into the bush there is a clearing which unfortunately has become an area scattered by general rubbish. The rubbish consists mainly of discarded plastic bottles and cans, fast food wrappings and some broken chairs. It apears to have been a regular meering place because someone has set up an old outdoor garden setting with glass top table and chairs, some intact and some broken. One interesting item commonly referred to as a ‘bong’, a filtration smoking device, has been seen on the table. Although the area cant be seen from outside of the bush, it does represent an ugly site inside the otherwise natural reserve. CB Council have been informed via online and telephone.

    2. A discarded large water heater cyclinder currently lies on the nature strip in Hydrae Street, Revesby (outside No.67). Its initial presence would not normally create concern however it has been there at least since 18 July this year. It could be a minor danger to vehicles or pedestrians as it sits on the crest of the grassed area, and could roll in either direction. The CB Council has been informed via online and telephone.

    If the Torch is interested in reporting the items, I could be happy to check that both rubbish sites still existed prior to printing. ASlso, if it helps I have photos.