Zumba way to raise cash to defeat ‘breast cancer’

IN honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ‘Zumba with Lana’ classmates will get pretty in pink to focus on breast cancer and its impact on those affected.

The pink-themed extravaganza has been organised by instructor Lana Mancuso, fellow students and breast cancer survivors, Ivana De Angeli and Michelle Prangell, and the rest of the class.
“We started out as strangers but we’ve become family,” Mrs Mancuso said about her weekly Tuesday night class, which is held at Bankstown North Public School from 6pm.
“Having had four students, Ivana, Michelle, Vera Mileto and most recently, Lauren Osborne, survive breast cancer, we want to raise as much awareness and funds as possible for not-for-profit cancer organisation, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.”
On average, every two minutes a female is diagnosed with breast cancer -approximately 49 each day.
Earlier this year, Mrs De Angeli, faced the battle of her life, alongside her Zumba-dancing daughters Maryanne and Michelle.
“The mammogram pain is nothing compared to what you could be facing if you are diagnosed with breast cancer,” she said, adding she was one of the “lucky ones”.
Michelle Prangell said it was Zumba that helped her regain her confidence after beating breast cancer.
“A lot of people think Zumba is just dancing but it is so much more than that. It relieves stress, anxiety, helps you to lose weight and is seriously loads of fun.”
The special breast cancer awareness Zumba class will be held on Tuesday, October 22, at Bankstown North Public School, from 6.40pm.
Tickets for adults are $10, pensioners, $8, and for those who just want to watch, a gold coin donation is required.
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