Youth urged to have say on issues

MISSION Australia is urging 15-19-year-old young people to speak up on personal concerns and broader issues that are important to them by taking part in Youth Survey 2019 before it closes on August 16.

With more than 28,000 young people taking part in 2018, including 8,211 young people in NSW, Mission Australia has a goal to reach over 30,000 participants this year to mark the survey’s 18th birthday.
This year’s survey includes some new focus questions to better understand young people’s thoughts around bullying, disability and whether they feel they have enough of a say about the issues that are affecting them.
“The Youth Survey helps to inform parents, community leaders and state and federal government representatives about what young people across the country are thinking, feeling and experiencing,” Mission Australia’s Saeli Massina said.
“It gives organisations like Mission Australia current evidence so that we can advocate on behalf of young people for the policy changes and programs that they need.”
To take part, visit