Young, old urged to give Pickleball a go as tennis centre opens Saturday courts

A TRIAL of Pickleball has gone so well that Berala Carramar Hardcourt Tennis Association will now start hiring two permanent courts on a Saturday afternoon to give more people the opportunity to try out the game (pictured) which is a cross between tennis and ping pong.

The fastest growing sport in Australia and the USA, the games will be on offer from 1-4pm at the Association’s courts at 181 Chisholm Road, Auburn, with more time slots becoming available as interest in the sport grows.
Association Secretary Stephen LeRoy said coaching would be available for beginners and there is no need to book, just come down and join in.
LeRoy said he’s had a go at the game and is keen to play more.
“Pickleball is a condensed version of tennis played on a quarter size tennis court specially marked for the small size,” he said.
“The rules of Pickleball are totally different from tennis for a faster shorter game; there is no overarm serving in Pickleball which makes it easy for people who have shoulder problems.”
Extremely enjoyable, he said Pickleball would suit juniors and people of all ages as it could be as fast or slow as your group wants and easy to take up by people who have no tennis experience.
“Pickleball relies on good reflexes, knee bending and short fast movement which suits a lot of people retiring from tennis so everyone should make an effort to come down and give it a go,” LeRoy said.