Young lives put at risk

SPEEDING drivers in Guildford are putting students’ lives at risk and parents and teachers are calling for urgent action to prevent a tragedy.

Need action to stop tragedy

A petition calling for speed humps to be put on Excelsior Street and the addition of a ‘proper’ pedestrian crossing near the lower gate at the rear of South Granville Creative and Performing Arts High School, has attracted more than 100 signatures.
Parents and Citizens president Danielle Webb says that while there are some white lines marked on the road near the gate, it is not a formal crossing and drivers are not legally obliged to stop for students.
“People need to be made to stop at an actual crossing because that’s the law,” she said.
Mrs Webb said there had been plenty of near misses.
“Drivers are definitely not doing 40kph and speed humps would slow the traffic down,” she said.
Principal Melissa Johnston said the safety of the crossing point issue had been an ongoing concern, with a number of factors contributing to the risk.
“It is a very straight bit of road and the school comes up quickly, especially if they are turning in from Rawson Road,” she said.
“The kids funnel out from a narrow point and the visibility is also restricted because of cars parked on both sides of the road.”
Mrs Johnston added that while the number of cars using the street might not fit the technical requirements to qualify for a pedestrian crossing, that shouldn’t be the deciding factor.
“The cost of a life is worth than the more cost of a crossing,” she said.
“One child’s safety is just as important as hundreds.”
Councillor Paul Garrard tabled the petition in council last month and said as chairperson of the traffic committee, he’d asked for a report on the available options.
He said the school being situated on Excelsior Street, caused problems due to the road becoming a ‘rat run’ between established main roads like Guildford and Rawson roads and traffic needed to be slowed down.
“We need urgent action on this matter to address the problems highlighted by the school,” he said.