Young learn ancient game basics

LIDCOMBE parents have scooped up an offer from Gecko sports to teach their kids the foundations of lacrosse.

Originally known as stick-ball, the modern version of the sport was developed after French colonists had observed some of the ritualistic pastimes favoured by aboriginal tribes of what is now Canada and the USA.
When learning in the safe and fun environment provided by Gecko Sports, kids get the chance to experience and take part in this unique and ancient game.
“In Junior Lacrosse, there is of course no contact, we have activities and games that teach certain skills, fully breaking down the fundamentals and at the end of the session, we play a mini version (of a match) that lets them understand the strategy of the game,” Natascha from Gecko Sports said.
Introducing a sport like lacrosse at a young age, can help promote great hand to eye coordination, an active lifestyle and the socialisation that comes with team sports.
“It’s awesome because most kids haven’t been exposed to lacrosse before so it’s a great chance for them to try something new,” Natascha said.
You’ll be able to get your little one out and swinging again this October when the team at Gecko returns.
Bookings are free yet essential as spots will fill quickly; for more info on upcoming events, visit