Young get head start in science

NATIONAL Science Week went off with a bang at Choice Preschool Kindergarten on Friday.

The budding young scientists at the long day care centre, have been exploring various scientific phenomena and conducting experiments before showcasing what they’d learnt at their annual Science Open Day.
Centre director Karthika Viknarasah said parents and friends were treated to speeches, dances and demonstrations that highlighted the children’s talents and capabilities.

Science day at Auburn North pre-school- Utsav, Muhammed, Myrah Photo by Radim Cechvala

She says their advanced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program has shown that they can understand and explain complex scientific concepts that are usually taught to much older children.
“Preschool educators Ms Esh and Ms Bella have enjoyed working with children and families to build scientific and mathematical knowledge and develop literacy skills,” she said.
“It has been particularly gratifying to see the growth and development in children’s speech and communication.
“We have some children who started the year with no English language at all and to see them now confidently giving speeches to an audience, shows how hard the children, teachers and parents have worked this year.”