Young eagle’s released into wild after recovery

A JUVENILE White-bellied Sea Eagle, rescued last November after falling from its nest, has now been successfully returned to the wild at the Newington Nature Reserve.

The fledgling eagle was released back into its home territory last Thursday following around four months of rehabilitation to recover from its injuries.

Sydney Olympic Park Ranger Judy Harrington said the young female injured its wing when it fell from its nest.

“She became trapped in a tree and suffered a serious wound to her wing, and her rescue would not have been possible without a great team effort from everyone involved,” Ms Harrington said.

“It’s thanks to the efforts of the dedicated teams at Feathered Friends Sanctuary, who were involved in the eagle’s initial rescue and treatment, and Higher Grounds Raptor Centre which managed her rehabilitation, that we were able to release this magnificent bird back into its natural habitat.”

The young Sea Eagle is one of a pair of White-bellied Sea Eagles that hatched in the Newington Nature Reserve in late July 2018, and it is expected that it will be welcomed back to the nest by its parents.

The nest of the White-bellied Sea Eagles is monitored by EagleCAM, a joint venture of Sydney Olympic Park Authority and BirdLife Australia. 

Since 2009, EagleCAM has been providing a live-stream of the nest which is viewed by interested bird watchers from around the world.

For more information about BirdLife Australia, or to view the EagleCAM, visit centre/eagle-cam