Young dream up future

HAVE you ever thought about what cars would look like in the future?

Imagine seeing cars that used sustainable green fuel energy powered up from oranges and lemons to operate a vehicle; what an amazing vision!
Well the wonderful Year 6 students at Al-Faisal College have been problem solving this term and looking at cars of the future.
Inspired from great movies such as ‘Back to the Future’ and its DeLorean, students used their scientific knowledge and research to design their own future car.
Students also had opportunities to act as scientists and engineers and considered issues such as decreasing pollution by using sustainable or renewable resources to power up their car. Students sketched their designs, built a prototype of their car and presented their ideas to the grade.
Encouraging problem-based thinking and designing projects are so beneficial to students, as they empower them.
“Students become more critical, analytical and creative thinkers when solving issues based on different subject matters. It also allows students to build field knowledge and make connections between past and present real-life experiences,” Deputy Principal Safia Khan Hassanein said.
“The projects were so successful that Al-Faisal College was inspired to host a ‘Cars of the Future Expo’ afternoon for other grades. Our amazing programs have given students such strong knowledge and foundations on scientific phenomena and practical field experiences and opportunities.”
So what does the future hold for these amazing Year 6 engineers and scientists? Come back and ask Al-Faisal College in a few years’ time.