Young Bulldogs help out school

BULLDOGS Jersey Flegg pathways players (pictured) jumped in to help last week after being invited to move furniture and equipment at Canterbury Public School.

After recent renovations shut down most the school and with the need to get classrooms sorted again for students, players Lajuan Vito, Aston Pollard, AJ Jones, David Leota, Oliva Smith and Sione Siulua arrived at the school at 7am, rolling up their sleeves to help with the move and were still working well after lunch.
Canterbury Boys High School Principal Ross Dummett didn’t hesitate to call Bulldogs Deputy Chairman John Khoury when he was contacted by the primary school and the call to help went out.
“We were just so appreciative of their efforts and it shows that Khoury, the club and players are committed to the community and public education, it’s not just empty words, they really follow through with it,” he said.