World’s first aesthetics clinic for men awarded

THE world’s first men’s aesthetics clinic, BareWolf, has been named ‘Champion Entrepreneur’ in the 2024 Australian Small Business Champion Awards.

Owner Dully Sayed founded the Belfield business in 2011, envisioning a clinic that would enable men to overcome their inhibitions about prioritising their appearance.
He was inspired by one of Da Vinci’s most famous works, ‘Vitruvian Man’, a drawing that correlates the ideal human body proportions with geometry.
Dully took this concept a step further, aiming to refine the surface of the human body, while taming the inner beast.
For men by men, BareWolf offers a range of special treatments to have men looking and feeling their best including cutting edge laser technology used to remover hair from the male genital, buttock, back and trunk areas.
Exclusive to BareWolf, these treatments are known as the Barezillian, Barezillian plus, Manzillian and the Buttzillian.
Known as the ‘godfather’ of male grooming, Dully said: “Impeccable appearance creates the self-confidence which helps men achieve their goals.”
Other services offered include teeth whitening, hydra facials, beard facials, body contouring, injectables such as anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers and more.
Dully said free personalised consultations were on offer prior to your first treatment.
“From its inception, BareWolf has been a symbol of the perfect balance between human form and animalistic nature,” he said.
“Today, BareWolf is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle and men are invited to join the pack and embrace their primal side with absolute confidence.”
In a lucky win for customers, there is a 30 per cent discount off premium laser hair removal until May 31 – only available to secure via their app or from