Wonder tonic to restore wellbeing

WITH today’s demanding lifestyles, it can be difficult to stay on top of things.

Stress and responsibilities pile up and people sometimes forget to take care of their most important asset – their bodies.
While diets come and go and we struggle to maintain a steady exercise regime, one Australian natural health company offers new supplements that helps clear away the cobwebs.
Arborvitae is an all-natural liquid formulation, with the not-so-secret ingredient of the French Maritime Pine Bark extract called Pycnogenol.
Pycnogenol is the most powerful natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, backed by over 300 clinical trials and studies.
Clinical researchers have already found some exciting results, with daily doses linked with immune system support, alleviating symptoms of osteoarthritis, normalising blood glucose and cholesterol levels as well as supporting the cardiovascular system.
Former Australian Cricketer and TV personality Mike Whitney has been taking Arborvitae Arthritis Pain Relief and Health Supplement and is happy with the results.
“After I had been using Arborvitae for about four and a half months, the results were amazing,” Whitney said.
“For years I have had pain in my right shoulder, left elbow, both knees and lower back from my cricket career.
“The shoulder and elbow pain have gone and there is less pain in my back and swelling in my knees. The results have been very positive!”
Other happy users include Kirk Murillo, Gary Peterson, Peter Wilson and Lyn Parry to name a few.
Kirk said: “In 2016, my cholesterol level was higher than normal despite going to the gym, being careful with diet and taking medication. I started accepting the fact I that I genetically have ‘familial hypercholesterolaemia’. In March 2017 I friend told me Arborvitae got her cholesterol level back to normal so I bought the product. After a month, I was hesitant to see my GP to ask for a blood test but it was a big surprise when I found out the results. All the reg flags in my previous blood tests that were troubling me for many years, were back to normal levels, including my cholesterol.”
Gary said: “To be told at 50, I required a knee reconstruction or worst case, a knee replacement was an obvious shock. I run a small forklift business and 19 months ago became a grandfather, so I need to be mobile.
“Not wanting an operation at this point I needed an alternative, and what an alternative I found. I started my Arborvitae treatment and after two weeks, all my pain and swelling had gone. What a fabulous product this is.”
Peter said: “I have been using Arborvitae since June 2018. In under three weeks, I began to notice a reduction in my pain levels (documented in my twice daily pain diary). I have right side cerebral palsy and have lived with pain throughout my adult life and prior to taking Arborvitae, I was taking daily anti-inflammatory medication.
“I no longer take any other medication and have seen my pain levels drop to near no pain.
“I am relieved, excited and most of all feel blessed to have found this product.”
Lyn had listed her unit for sale since she could barely get up and down the 31 steps.
“I’d only been taking Arborvitae for four days and the pain was gone,” she said.
“I didn’t believe it, thinking ‘this must just be my imagination’, but it has worked like magic for me; it’s perfect for reversing inflammation. And I’m not selling my unit now.”
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