Women sought for health study

WOMEN aged 45 to 65 years are being sought to take part in a Sydney University study on menopause.

The study will examine how sleepwear may help women who experience hot flushes at night.
Researcher Chin Moi Chow said: “Hormonal imbalances with declining levels of oestrogen, are strongly associated with marked changes in the biological profiles of unfavourable levels of lipoproteins and increased risks of coronary arterial diseases and osteoporosis.
“However, the most common and discernible symptomatic factors that affect large numbers of women, are vasomotor symptoms.”
Vasomotor symptoms include hot flushes, reddening of the face and neck and sweating sometimes followed by chills and a cold sensation.
“A poorer quality of life ensues as well as economic costs in terms of lost productivity for the over 750,000 Australian female workers aged 45 to 55 years, plus direct medical costs,” Ms Chin Moi Chow added.
“We are calling for healthy women aged between 45-65 years, who have irregular periods (shortly before the occurrence of the menopause) or have stopped menstruation and experience hot flashes.”
Participants will receive a study payment.
Email or call 9351 9276 for further info.