Women only swimming bid

WEEKDAY women-only swimming sessions could be trialled at Canterbury Bankstown pools.

Responding to requests from members of the community, Councillor Nadia Saleh has called for a feasibility study into additional women-only swimming at the council’s aquatic centres.
“As new facilities and upgrades take place, I am confident that the needs of all of our community will be considered and incorporated, with inclusion a priority,” she said.
“There is however a need to look at what can be done now and I am asking the council to examine what can be trialled to improve access leading into summer.”
Roselands Leisure and Aquatic Centre already holds Wimswim, a women-only swim session, on Sundays from 8am to 11am.
However Canterbury City Community Centre manager, community programs, Kate Maclean said Sunday was often the only day of the week women could spend with their families.
Ms Maclean said there was very strong demand for whenever they held women’s only swim classes run at a private swimming pool and she welcomed the idea of a trial at the council’s public pools.
“We are constantly inundated by women wanting to learn to swim,” she said.
“This trial is about just a small indoor space. It’s really just for a couple of hours on a weekday morning and men can still swim in the outdoor pool.
“It’s not about taking anything away, it’s about adding equity.
“For cultural reasons, some women can’t uncover at all in front of men.
“Other non-Muslim women might also feel more comfortable swimming without men in the pool.”