Wizard of Oz at Children’s Fest

THE traditional music, dance and costumes of children from 15 different cultural backgrounds, will be woven into a new interactive stage adaption of Frank Baum’s classic Wizard of Oz story at the Revesby Workers’ Club auditorium on August 4.

The multicultural Wizard of Oz Interactive Show will celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Children’s Festival Organisation, and director Brian Laul says children in the audience are invited to come dressed up either as their favourite characters or in their traditional cultural costume.
“In this bright and wacky version, children can rap with the Tinman, roar like a Lion, wake up sleepy Shakey the Scarecrow and dance with Dorothy, as they all go off to see the Wizard,” he said.
“The Wizard of Oz is a story about mateship, self-empowerment and a diverse group of people helping each other as they journey together. It embodies the very spirit of the Children’s Festival that seeks to celebrate unity in diversity.”
Founder and president of The Children’s Festival Organisation, Thuat Nguyen, says they strongly believe that children are a starting point in building social cohesion.
“This production will be a lesson in cultural harmony where children who normally perform songs and dances from their own cultural background at our festivals, will unite for a collaborative stage presentation as young Australians living together in harmony in the multicultural Australian society,” he said.
Mr Laul added that as well as having all the elements of fascinating entertainment, the Wizard of Oz provided inspiration through its “powerful message of hope so necessary for young people today”.
“That somewhere over the rainbow, you can make your fondest dreams realities if only you dare to believe that you have the power within you to do so,” he said.
Tickets for The Wizard of Oz Interactive Show on Sunday, August 4, at 4pm, are $25 and are available at Eventbrite.com.au.