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Withdraw waste station bid but battle still as revised plan likely

LIDCOMBE residents have had a victory of sorts with plans for a multi-million dollar waste transfer station withdrawn, however the battle is not won with revised plans expected to be submitted.A WEEK after Cumberland Council adopted a report opposing the proposed multi-million dollar organic waste transfer station at Lidcombe, the proposal has been withdrawn – at least for now.
After “widespread opposition” to the proposal, an external planning consultant was appointed to prepare a draft submission reflecting the council’s opposition to the application on public interest grounds.
The submission, which was unanimously supported by councillors, said the proposed development would negatively impact the local community and there was inadequate provision to address its impacts.
While the proposed facility at 109A Church Street, Lidcombe, would be capable of receiving up to 80,000 tonnes of domestic and commercial derived food organic and garden organic (FOGO) waste for bulking and transfer off-site for secondary processing, with about 118 truck movements at the site a day, an environmental impact statement (EIS) has stated that the number of traffic movements would be “well within the road’s capacity and would not adversely impact upon the operation of the surrounding road network”.
The submission also noted concerns about odour and noise, which the EIS stated would be minimal and unlikely.
Councillor Helen Hughes said although the application was withdrawn, the applicant is fully committed to the pursuit of the project and intends to revise and resubmit the development application in the near future.
“Undoubtedly, this will be another battle for the community,” she said.
“It’s not about the ‘what’, it’s the ‘where’.
“Food Organic Garden Organic (FOGO) may be an ‘in thing’ being made mandatory by the NSW State Government, but we do not need a transfer station within such close proximity to the Lidcombe residential area.
“The residents in Lidcombe do not deserve this … and they will continue to fight on.”
The NSW Department of Planning said “the applicant remains fully committed to the pursuit of the project and are actively working to address concerns”.