‘Winter’ cricketers seeking own home

CRICKET being a summer sport in Australia did not stop Nepalese-born Sanjay Pandey setting up a community club last year, Avaani Cricket Club, after noticing students and other young adult males becoming disengaged over the colder months.

Already booming in popularity and with a few series under his belt, Sanjay has this year established the Avaani Premier League comprising eight community cricket teams, including Avaani Cricket Club, which is nearing the final play-offs.
“There have been some sensational showdowns,” Sanjay said.
“Our fans have gone wild at the breathtaking sixes, unplayable deliveries and nail-biting moments.
“Each match has been a spectacle of skill, passion and sheer willpower and it’s fantastic to see so many players keen to get involved in our competition.”
Doing all the organisational and financial hard yards himself, Sanjay – who is the principal of Avaani Real Estate which operates in the Cumberland and Parramatta areas, said his main goal now was to acquire permanent grounds.
“We have had to book grounds at a range of sites including Guildford Park and St Johns Park, which works out quite costly at $50 an hour where as permanent ground hire for a season is a flat $1,500,” he said.
“We have been lucky enough to be awarded our first grant of $8,000 from Cumberland Council which will be used to target boys, girls and seniors in the region and to kickstart our next premier league but if anyone knows of permanent grounds we could use, please get in touch.”
If you can help or to register as a player, email