Win long road safety fight

RESIDENTS and motorists have won a 12-year battle to improve road safety at a dangerous intersection in Guildford.

Announcing the works last week, Minister for Roads, John Graham, said work would begin next month at the intersection of Guildford and Woodville roads at Guildford and be completed as quickly as possible (hopefully four weeks) to minimise the impact on the community.
The improvements will include right turn green arrows for Guildford Road traffic turning into Woodville Road in both directions, and new red arrows which will also allow pedestrians to safely cross both roads.
Hundreds of frustrated residents and motorists signed an online petition started by Councillor Paul Garrard two years ago calling for urgent works, with one resident saying: “Red light runners are a real problem and a red light camera should be installed on Guildford Road. The driving behaviour of many motorists in the area is a concern.”
State MP Granville, Julia Finn, said she threw her support behind the petition and the community after the former State Government “snubbed” the idea.
“The community has been crying out for a right turn arrow for at least a decade … I am delighted that finally this incredibly irritating and dangerous problem will be fixed,” she said.
Cr Garrard said motorists were taking their lives into their own hands and the situation was worsened by long queues of traffic along Guildford Road for 100 metres waiting for an opportunity to safely turn right, “creating a very real possibility of a crash as well as potentially violating road rules”.
“This is a great exercise in community action,” he said. “Resulting from an online petition, the community has been able to make a major statement about a major problem.”