Win for motorists, pedestrians

MOTORISTS have welcomed road safety improvements at a dangerous Guildford intersection.

Right turn arrows have been installed for traffic turning into Woodville Road from Guildford Road in both directions, helping to reduce queue lengths on both roads, cutting down travel delays and boosting safety.
The upgrade also allows pedestrians to safely cross both roads.
State MP for Granville Julia Finn said the upgrade was a long time coming “but I’m delighted to announce this critical improvement to this busy and sometimes hazardous intersection”.
“The lack of right turn green arrows from Guildford Road into Woodville Road set up a dangerous situation for motorists,” she said.
“Vehicles queued along Guildford Road for up to 100 metres waiting for an opportunity to carry out this right turn movement.
“Motorists would sometimes wait for the lights to turn amber before finding a gap in traffic, creating a very real possibility of a crash as well as potentially violating road rules.”
Queuing vehicles on Guildford Road also has a ‘knock-on’ effect, blocking access across intersections with Hinchen Street, Rowley Road and Lough Avenue which created further potential for hazard.
“The community delivered a petition for the installation of new right turn green arrows at this intersection, so it’s great to see Transport for NSW address this issue for motorists,” Ms Finn said.