Win $1,000 for Hole-In-One

REWARDING players who shine on the green with $1,000, Bankstown Golf Club’s ‘Hole-In-One’ challenge on the 15th hole has been underway for a month but the prize pot remains unclaimed.

Open to those playing competitively as well as socially, as long as they play a full round, the challenge saw five players scoring the ace in 2023.
The $1,000 prize will be awarded to any player who scores the Hole-In-One over the next two months.
With celebrity golfer Tiger Woods reportedly scoring a Hole-In-One 20 times in his lifetime, making the challenge seem beyond most, the club’s Steve Oesterreich says it can be done and luck often plays a part.
“I’ve done it myself so it’s certainly achievable,” he said.
“Hit the ball high and on course. As you bring your club back to shoulder height, come through the ball with speed and then take a full, aggressive swing to better your chances of making the Hole-In-One.”
There is no entry fee but the terms and conditions are non-negotiable, with proof essential.
Select a trust-worthy partner to video your shot as you have only one shot at it per round.
The video must be a continuous forward-facing stream to the hole with no cuts or blockages at any point.
If you think you have a Hole-In-One, your partner who is filming your shot must not stop the filming but record your walk to the hole and film the ball in the hole.
Then immediately call the club (9773 0628), ask for verification for your Hole-In-One, and a member will come to you to confirm the claim.
To find out more as well as to check the instructional video on how to hit a Hole-In-One, go to