‘Where Interesting Happens’ creative boost

A PLAN to make sure Canterbury Bankstown continues to live up to its motto ‘Where Interesting Happens’, will see a whole-of-council approach to supporting the creation of artwork, performances and events.

Mayor Khal Asfour says the Creative City Strategic Plan will enhance the City’s creative and cultural resources, building on the cultural strengths of residents and connecting them to the city’s creative places and programs.
“Through workshops with the wider community and in-depth interviews with artists and professionals, the council has heard what the community loves in Canterbury Bankstown and what should be prioritised in the future,” he said.
“Our plan promotes artistic and cultural opportunities both at grassroots level and through a more structured approach within the council.
“Canterbury-Bankstown is the place ‘Where Interesting Happens’, so we need to recognise the importance of the city’s social fabric, natural landscapes and built environment.”
He says that while creativity and culture are everywhere, not everyone sees it.
The plan will support creativity by:
• Investigating the development of a new cultural precincts in Campsie and Bankstown;
• Utilising Library and Knowledge Centres to deliver creative opportunities;
• Identifying opportunities for the reuse of vacant properties for creative activities, such as live music;
• Involving Aboriginal cultural heritage in urban renewal and planning proposals;
• Presenting outdoor projects, such as creative trails, along our waterways;
• Considering creative outcomes, such as public art installations, to promote creativity and Aboriginal heritage; and
• Providing opportunities for collaborations on creative activities and cultural exchange between professional artists and residents.