Where all achieving post school dreams

BIRRONG Girls High School students have continued to achieve HSC results well beyond expectations with 100 per cent securing post school destinations.

Upholding their fine academic tradition, 97 per cent of all students eligible for an ATAR gained tertiary placement offers.
Amy Santos gained the highest ATAR at 92.55, while Noor Abdelkader and Bariya Nazha were nominated for the Shape Technology exhibition thanks to their impressive textile major works.
As a proudly diverse cultural and linguistic community, with 94 per cent coming from a non-English speaking background, students work collaboratively with their teachers within a high challenge and high support environment.
This includes the school operating a successful Senior Learning Centre with teacher support and mentoring which has allowed students to attain above state average results across a range of courses.
Exceptional results were achieved in Advanced English, Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Standard 2, Modern History, History Extension, Biology, Visual Arts and Legal Studies.