What’s all buzz around nation for annual ‘Don’t Step on a Bee Day’

DID you know that without bees, we wouldn’t have almonds and we’d lose 90 percent of our apple, onion, cucumber, carrot, cherry and blueberry supply?

As they pollinate one-third of what we eat, without them our diet would change drastically not to mention the many other effects it would have on our eco systems and the wellbeing of our wildlife all across the globe.
As such, it’s important to protect our little friends for all the work that they do for us and ‘Don’t Step on a Bee Day’ on July 10, is a timely reminder.
Beekeepers for 19 years and supplying honey to farmers markets in Cumberland and for council events as well as at a stall in front of the Parramatta Anglican Church every Wednesday morning, Joyce and Greg Hammerton operate Summerland Honey with a range of varieties on offer.
Joyce says bees are vital to our wellbeing as their honey also offers antibacterial, medicinal purposes for inside and outside of the human body.
“It’s important to remember that bees only have a lifespan of three-and-a-half weeks and if they sting you, they die, unlike European wasps which can keep stinging and stinging until you die,” she said.
“Bees are such a precious resource and apart from pollinating our crops, can produce honey in so many flavours depending where they’ve been.”
With 400 hives and up to 35,000 bees in each, Summerland Honey varieties include red iron bark, yellow box, mallee and stringybark with others having a distinct apple, orange or cherry flavour.
To place an order or find out more, call Joyce on 0412 569 335.