Wear orange to offer thanks for efforts of SES volunteers

☐ NSW SES volunteers from the Auburn and Bankstown units, joined Minister for Emergency Services David Elliott Minister, and NSW SES deputy commissioner Greg Newton to encourage people to join them on Wear Orange to Work Day on Wednesday, May 22.

ORANGE is the official colour of State Emergency Services (SES) across Australia and anyone who has ever called the NSW SES for help, knows just how good it is to see the volunteers arrive in their bright orange uniforms.

Auburn SES unit commander Kathy Garancsi says next week’s National Wear Orange to Work (WOW) Day on Wednesday, May 22, is a fun and simple way to support the hard work done by SES volunteers.
She added that the past 12 months have been particularly busy for them, particularly for storm responses.
“Wear Orange to Work Day is a something simple people in schools, offices and communities can do to show their appreciation for their local volunteers who give up their time to serve the community during floods, storms and other emergencies,” she said.
“We’re also asking people who do wear orange to take a pic of themselves and post it on social media with the #thankyouses.”