Volunteers urged for brain exercise study

WHAT type of exercise is best for the brain?
Researchers from the University of Sydney’s Lidcombe campus are looking for people aged 60 and over to take part in a study exploring the impact of different types of exercise on brain health in older people with early thinking or memory problems.
Chief Investigator Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh MD says the latest research suggests keeping the mind and body active may benefit cognitive function and dementia risk, however further research is needed to understand this complex process.
“This is the first research study of its kind to directly compare how three different types of exercise affect the rate of decline in brain function in older people who don’t have dementia but have some early concerns,” she said.
Participants in the research study will be randomly allocated into one of three groups focusing on balance, resistance or aerobic interval training.
They will train two to three times a week for 12 months under the supervision of experienced health professionals at the Lidcombe campus.
Researchers will assess participants’ memory, health and physical function before and after the 12-month exercise intervention.
“It is vital that we explore the potential of exercise for brain health given it is such a simple, accessible and potentially cost-effective intervention,” Professor Fiatarone Singh said.
If you are interested or for more info, call 9036 7418 or email