Vital to care for wounds

☐ Vital Home Health Services staff promoting ‘wound care’ in Greenacre.

Nurses offering practical advice

JOINING the national campaign, Vital Home Health Services – a local community nurse organisation – spent a day at the Coles centre at Greenacre last week, educating the community about wound care as part of Wound Awareness Week.

Nurses offered practical information about how to care for a simple wound such as a skin tear and when to seek professional assistance from a Registered Nurse, GP or  dermatologist. For example, non healing wounds or suspicious looking lesions on the skin or a seemingly harmless mole changing colour.

“We handed out free soft toys to the children, provided education to young mums, elderly and aged locals with frail skin and young adults about the importance of taking care of their skin and to be aware of all wounds,” Hoda Al-hayek said.

“We also handed out information and brochures, free first aid supplies, encouraging people to use appropriate dressings on their wounds and not just whack on a band aid and ignore. Wounds just do not heal by themselves.”

The national campaign is aimed at educating the community and seeking early intervention to prevent long term ulcers and complications associated with wounds.

Servicing the community since 2009, Vital Home Health Services staff have healed thousands of wounds by providing care to people in their own homes to ensure wounds are well managed with the aim of reducing the cost and pain associated with some wounds.