Virus emergency action plan

NSW Health has nine confirmed cases of coronavirus since the outbreak began, with three new cases confirmed on Monday.

A spokesperson said four earlier confirmed cases of COVID-19 in NSW, have all been released from medical care and while more than 2,200 suspected cases had been cleared in NSW, just over 200 cases remained under investigation.
Last Thursday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the Federal Government had begun implementing a Coronavirus Emergency Response Plan.
However he urged people to keep enjoying public gatherings including the football, cricket, concerts and to “go out for a Chinese meal”.
“The actions we’re now taking in being prepared even further, is to ensure that we can respond immediately when the virus moves to the next level,” he said.
Feeling the pinch following the outbreak of the coronavirus, Campsie Centre Manager Graeme Bailey estimates business is down by about 20 per cent.
“There were a lot of shoppers wearing masks earlier in the year but there seems to be less now,” he said.
“I think everyone is just being very careful but there could be other factors; for all we now, people are spending less money now over the rising cost of power or petrol.
“Although our competition, where you spend $30 at any store and go into the weekly draw to win $888, has been very well supported and it’s on offer throughout March as well.”
Mr Bailey says shoppers shouldn’t worry but continue to take precautions like washing hands regularly.
“We’ve only had one fatality on the other side of the country and that person was aboard the quarantined ship off Japan,” he said.
“I think we are pretty safe here.”