Vinnies volunteering ‘special’

IF you have a passion for recycling and the environment and a distaste for rampant consumerism with a day or two a week to spare to help support a like-minded charity, Vinnies is awaiting your call.

Needing volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, they are calling on members of the public to put up their hand for a role at one of their stores including those at Bankstown, Chester Hill, Kingsgrove, Riverwood, Revesby and Campsie.
Kingsgrove manager Caroline Bell who had spent 15 years in the not-for-profit industry before moving to Vinnies a year ago, said it was her best move ever.
“Vinnies is a fantastic organisation to work for, they really look after their staff and their volunteers, I can’t recommend working for them enough,” she said.
Starting as a volunteer at Vinnies Kingsgrove four years ago, retired bank IT operator Pak Sing Au looks forward to his day a week in the store.
“If you’re looking for something to do, or feeling a little bored or lonely at home, you don’t have to be,” he said.
“Get in touch and do some volunteering at Vinnies which feels so good as you know you are helping others.
“I particularly enjoy dealing with the elderly customers, some are very funny and often ask for a discount but I enjoy it, it keeps me busy.”
Vinnies can work with you to provide a rewarding volunteer experience, opportunities to utilise your talents or provide training to help you serve the people in your neighbourhood.
To find out more, or 13 18 12.