Victory at last after 14 years

IT’S been a long time between wins but Carnarvon Golf Club’s Ladies WD1 Pennant has finally toppled Cumberland to take out the final.

Last winning the Pennant Division in 2010, the Pennant season was a close one with Carnarvon tied with Cumberland going into the final game.
Carnarvon had won more individual matches in their previous games, but still needed a win to bring home the Pennant – they had to give a combined total of 28 strokes to their Stonecutters opponents but sealed the deal.
The team comprised Nadine Johnston Araujo, Kyoung Roh, Team Captain Danielle Trevena, Helen Park and Jude Kirby (pictured above) who were ably assisted by Rebecca Kim Forrester, Mugon Bak and Michelle Park.
The 2024 Mens Major Pennant team faced a challenge to avoid being relegated from Division 4 to 5, coming up against Bardwell Valley and excitingly securing the win.
Members (pictured right) included Daniel Lee, James Lind, Sven Lohmann, Nick Katholos, Phil Ellison, Peter Muscat, Alec Wittaya, Kevin Gibb, Club Captain Chris Thomson and Team Manager Brad Lincoln.
The same challenge faced the 2024 Ladies Grade 2 Pennant team but they were unfortunately defeated and will be relegated to Division 3 next year.
“It was a tough Pennant season with fierce competition this year,” a spokesperson said.
Their team comprised Team Captain Lisa Kim, Claire Yim, Kelonia Kwon, Natalia Yeob, Julie Kim and Naomi Yoe (pictured).
The 2024 Men’s Foursomes Championship – 36 Holes (two rounds across two Saturdays) – saw Nick Katholos and Sven Lohmann (148) coming first with runners up Alec Wittaya and Shad Sahazad (156).
Nett winners were David Moon and Paul Y Park (146), with runners up Dylan White and Brendan Donnellan (147).
In the 2024 Mixed Foursomes Championship, there was a play-off with the champions determined on the fifth home.
Jay Jung and Natalia Yeob (pictured) were the winners with runners up Phil Ellison and Lisa Kim (168) (pictured).
Nett winners were Tim Kim and Jenny Lee (150) and runners up were James Yim and Hila Hong (152).
The 2024 Mens Major Pennant undefeated player was Daniel Lee (pictured) who received a medal from GolfNSW.
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