Unsecured loads safety risk alert

UNSECURED loads are putting motorists lives at risk almost every day along the M4.

With many people returning to work after the Christmas break, Transurban is reminding motorists to secure their loads, drive to the conditions and be courteous to other drivers.
Whether it’s building materials, a bike or a ladder, debris and lost loads pose a significant safety risk to drivers, other motorists and Transurban’s incident response workers, and could lead to significant congestion, lane closures and increased risks of collisions or more serious incidents.
Over the last year, the M4 was among the top three roads with the highest number of debris and lost load incidents with 332.
“While we’re always here to help, we need drivers to play their part and not put other drivers at risk by securing their loads, not matter how big or small,” a spokesperson for Transurban said.
“Debris is frustrating for drivers stuck in traffic, and these incidents are avoidable if people take a few extra minutes to secure their loads with the appropriate mechanisms – such as straps and cargo nets – before they leave home, and always drive to the speed limit.”
His advice to motorists is to take the extra time to plan your trip, be in the right headspace to drive, be courteous to other drivers, and leave plenty of space between the vehicle in front of you.
If you lose your load on a motorway – don’t stress. Pull in as close to the side of the road as possible and switch on your hazard lights and wait in your vehicle until our incident response crews arrive within minutes to help you and clear the road.