‘Two Blocks’ from river inspires art

GIVING the viewer an opportunity to connect with nature, Chrissie Cotter Gallery exhibition ‘Two Blocks Away’ is an exploration of urban nature using local plants and eco-print techniques, and is on show until the end of July.

Artist Wendy Joyce lives ‘two blocks away’ from the Cooks River, the inspiration for the exhibition.
“I am exploring cultivated nature in my local neighbourhood near the Cooks River to investigate my connection to nature and place via the plants that grow along the riverbank and public places near my home, as well as my own little garden,” Wendy said,
“Many plants that I have used are Australian natives and some are indigenous to the local Marrickville area.”
The experimental printing techniques include eco-printing/botanical contact printing on paper, textile installation works and 2D and 3D works on paper.
One highlight in the exhibition is a collection of 30 hanging textiles banners, ecoprinted and dyed using natural plant dyes, which hang from the ceiling and give the impression of walking through nature.
“The imagery is not an exact replica of nature but an impression, prompting memories for the viewer of their personal experiences and their own connections to the natural world,” Wendy added.
Catch ‘Two Blocks Away’ at the Gallery in Picock Street, Camperdown, from Thursday, July 18, to Monday, July 29, 11am-4pm.
You can also join Wendy for the opening event on Saturday, July 20, at 2pm.
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