‘Tuesday in Newtown’ scores GreenWay Open Art Prize win

EUNJOO Jang (pictured with Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne) has won the 2019 GreenWay Open Art Prize, scoring a prize package of $6,000 for her work, ‘Tuesday in Newtown’.

This year, a record number of entries were submitted to the 10th annual community arts event, which celebrates the precious urban green corridor in Sydney’s Inner West.
Other winners were: Alexandra Plim for ‘Sydney: Work in Progress’, $1,500; Clare Britton, ‘A Week on the Cooks River’, $2,000; Gavin Buchan, ‘Greenway Gem and Ghost Riders’, $1,100; and Sophia Fetting, ‘Afternoon Light’, $1,100.
The Derivan People’s Choice Award ($500 worth of Derivan Matisse art supplies) will be announced November 19.