Try free hi-tech hearing aid

☐ Stuart Rook shows Paula Simes the sleek ‘Styletto’ that’s guaranteed to transform your hearing.

YOU can now embrace life with a stylish, high-tech hearing aid.

Guaranteed to increase the sound of speech yet reducing background noise, the ‘Styletto’ doesn’t look like a hearing aid, it’s more like a blue-tooth hearing bud, according to hearing professional Stuart Rook of Begin Hearing at Revesby.

“It’s a great alternative to a hearing aid,”

Stuart Rook

“It’s a great alternative to a hearing aid,” Stuart said.
“It looks good, is fully rechargeable and fits everybody but it’s the technology that is just so impressive.
“Small sleek and stylish compared with traditional hearing aid, using a ‘Styletto’ means you’ll never have to change batteries again.
“It provides outstanding sound quality in all situations.”
Stuart and his team at Begin Hearing, Revesby’s local and independent hearing aid provider, are committed to providing the highest quality audiological care at a fair price.
Stuart has over 30 years’ experience in the hearing industry and has watched the industry evolve over the years.
“The hearing industry has changed drastically over the last couple of years, but one thing has remained the same – our hearing health is extremely important and can’t be overlooked,” Stuart said.
“I am inviting anybody to come in that would like to give the ‘Styletto’ a try for free for one month; what have you got to lose?”
Volunteers need to register with Stuart by May 31 by calling 9792 3331.
Hurry, places are limited.