Truck, get a move on

ILLEGALLY parked trucks are causing safety concerns for Canterbury Bankstown councillors who have called for hefty fines for those who regularly flout the rules.

After a request from Cr Steve Tuntevski – supported by several other councillors who have similar serious concerns – the council has written to the NSW Government and National Transport Commission, requesting an urgent review of fines related to illegal parking of heavy vehicles in residential or built-up streets.
Cr Tuntevski said the council had spoken to the State Government about its concerns, however they haven’t been addressed.
He said a heavy vehicle parked illegally creates serious safety issues due to restricted sight lines and poor visibility for vehicles and pedestrians attempting to safely manoeuvre through the streets.
“Safety aside, heavy vehicles in our residential streets are a nuisance,” he said.
“A truck regularly idling in the early hours of the morning is maddening. This is easily fixed.
“Currently there are no demerit points attached to the penalty and the fine is only $112.”
Cr Tuntevski says there is no incentive to do the right thing.
“When a proper depot will cost more, many choose to pay a fine,” he said.
“Adjusting the fine to reflect this will sharpen a driver’s focus via their hip pocket and a demerit point will go a long way to motivate heavy vehicle drivers to do the right thing.”
In its response to the council in April, NSW Transport said offences didn’t attract demerit points, only those identified as key contributors to road crashes have a more severe rating and attract high fines and demerit points.