Trail bike terror

ILLEGAL trail bike riders have caused chaos for too long on our roads and parks and Mayor Bilal El-Hayek has “had a gutful” of their antics.

He said that for too long they had been a risk to the community, ignoring road rules, menacing motorists, darting in and out of traffic and terrorising pedestrians with their bold and brazen footpath antics.
“They have no respect for the law and are putting their lives at risk, along with others,” he said.
“We have also seen trail bikes causing tens of thousands of dollars damage, ripping up our parks and ovals, and doing untold damage to our bushland reserves and pathways.
“It’s time to get tougher on rogue trail bike riders,” he said.
While police carry out numerous operations targeting illegal trail bike riding, Canterbury Bankstown Council will be writing to the NSW Government calling for increased fines, the confiscation of bikes for repeat offenders, a review of noise regulations which will prohibit trail bikes on private property if they come within 500m of residences, and improved signage informing residents on how to
report illegal trail bike riding to police.
Commander – Traffic South West, Superintendent Robert Toynton said police welcomed any initiative to help drive home the safety message about illegal trail bike riding and its many risks and consequences.
He said it was an issue across the State but there was a lot of collaboration with local councils to target those people doing the wrong thing.
“We want people to take personal accountability … there are rules that you can’t ride them on the road and local reserves, they present a huge risk to the community,” he said.
Supt Toynton was especially concerned with young kids, unlicensed, not wearing helmets and “doing silly things” on their bikes.
He warned that those caught could face hefty fines and their bikes confiscated.