‘Tower St is their happy place’

A WARM and welcoming community, Tower Street Public School is a small school that prides itself on having a strong community feel that only a small school can provide.

Principal Karyn Ambrose says the school aims to provide a happy and nurturing place in which students experience a wide range of quality activities supporting the full development of their potential.
“We have the firm belief that a child’s self-esteem is the key to all successful learning,” she said.
“Our school has a strong focus on wellbeing through our whole school PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) approach.
“Students and staff spend time each week discussing the different tools in our ‘toolbox’ which are part of PBL that we can use to calm ourselves, using the ‘breathing’ tool and using our tools to help make the correct choices at school such as using the ‘garbage can’ tool where we let little things go.
As well as students coming up with examples of how each tool can be used in everyday life, they discuss the school’s three current values – safe, respectful and learner – and will this year add a fourth, ‘resilient’.
Mrs Ambrose said there was a lot to look forward to this year including a large range of fun learning and sporting activities, the rollout of new uniforms mid-year and welcoming ‘KT Healthy Bites’ to the school canteen which operates Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.