Top tips help ensure car’s ready for summer road trip

A TAFE NSW Automotive teacher has shared his top tips for ensuring your car is ready for a road trip this summer. The advice follows an NRMA report which found the organisation had more than 130,000 roadside assistance calls in a 12-month period for issues with wheels and tyres. 

The number one piece of advice from Nathan Malmborg, a TAFE NSW teacher with decades of industry experience is to ensure your tyres aren’t too worn and are inflated correctly.
Mr Malmborg said a few minutes of your time to check over vehicular basics was a small price to pay to help safeguard your family on a long car trip.
“Often in the haste of trying to get on the road, it’s easy to forget to check the simple things,” Mr Malmborg said.
“Making sure your vehicle is ready for the trip is essential and there are some straightforward things you can do that could be the difference between getting to your destination safely and sitting by the roadside waiting for help.” 
Mr Malmborg’s top tips include: 
Check tyre pressure on all tyres, including the spare. “Follow your owner’s manual to ensure what the optimum inflation level is,” he said. “Under inflated tyres are a leading cause of tyre blowout. This one’s important not only to prolong the life of the tyres but to make sure you and your family stay safe on the road. Also check the wear indicator on your tyres. The grooves in your tyres should be at least three millimetres deep.”
Check the wiper blades. “An effective set of windscreen wipers ensure you can see the road clearly,” he said. “Check the blades for any splits in the rubber edge. New wiper blades cost only about $30 a pair and are simple to replace.” engine, providing lubrication for the moving parts inside the engine while also cooling and cleaning these parts so your car continues to run smoothly. “To check your engine oil, locate your dipstick underneath the bonnet and make sure the oil level is between the two markers at the end of the dipstick. Top the oil up as needed,” he said.
Ensure all lights are working, including lights on trailers and caravans. “This is a pretty obvious one but do a quick check of all lights, including your indicators before you set off.”
Mr Malmborg said regular servicing throughout the year was the best way to ensure your car is safe and reliable.
“You’d be surprised how many people don’t get their cars serviced regularly. Regular servicing improves safety, boosts performance, and enhances fuel economy,” Mr Malmborg said.