Tips on getting a better night sleep

HOW many sheep do you have to count before you drop off at night?

Or do you wake through the night and have trouble getting back to sleep?
Maybe you seem to get enough sleep but are always tired during the day?
These are the exhausting symptoms of insomnia, experienced by one third of Australians, which can affect not only sleep, but also your physical health, mental health and daily performance.
If you want to increase the quality of your sleep, head to a free talk, ‘Sound Sleep’ at Merrylands Library tomorrow, Wednesday, September 11, 11am-12noon.
Sleep researcher, Yoann Birling from the NICM Health Research Institute at Western Sydney University, will discuss the causes and consequences of insomnia and present the current treatments for a better night sleep.
Topics covered include: What is sleep? The functions of sleep; The mechanism of sleep (how do we fall asleep?); and the ZRAS trial – why is this herbal product being tested?
The team at Western Sydney University is also calling on volunteers, aged over 18 who are able to read and understand English for a nine-week study including three study visits and two phone interviews plus free blood tests, to see whether a new treatment can help insomnia and related symptoms.
For more info, call Mr Birling on 9685 4752 or email