Time to get down and dirty

INNERWest Council is encouraging residents and community groups to get involved at a Clean Up site in the Inner West.
This year is the 30th anniversary of Clean Up Australia, the nation’s largest community-based environmental event.
Everyone’s invited to volunteer or register a site.
This year’s significant dates are:
• Cooks River Clean Up, Sunday, February 23;
• Business Clean Up Day, Tuesday, February 25;
• School Clean Up Day, Friday, February 28; and
• Clean Up Australia Day, Sunday, March 1.
The Cooks River Clean Up, which is supported by a $3,555 Inner West Council environment grant, is a joint venture between River Canoe Club, Cooks River Alliance, Cooks River Valley Association, Cooks River Eco Volunteers, Mudcrabs and Ocean Crusaders.
Last year, 207 people removed 1,188kg rubbish from the river.
Everyone’s invited for the clean up which is followed by a barbecue and live entertainment. At last year’s Clean Up Australia Day, more than 680,000 volunteers removed over 15,000 ute loads of rubbish from the 6,901 registered locations across the country.
In the Inner West, more than one tonne of rubbish was collected.
Clean Up Australia provides each registered site supervisor with waste bags and promotional materials upon registration, as well as essential equipment such as syringe containers, gloves, high vis vests, and basic first aid kits.
Council organises additional waste services to help collect the rubbish from the community clean up sites.
To get involved, visit