Teen doing twice speed limit tests positive for cocaine in his system

A TEENAGER’S licence has been suspended after he was stopped by police allegedly driving at twice the speed limit on Henry Lawson Drive, Padstow, early last Friday.

Police allegedly detected a Lexus speeding on Henry Lawson Drive, Padstow, reaching speeds of 154km/h in a marked 70km/h speed zone, about 12.20am.
The P1 driver, a 17-year-old boy, was drug tested and returned a positive result for cocaine. He was issued a future court attendance notice for drive speed manner dangerous and exceed speed over 45k/h. He was also issued multiple traffic infringements and had his licence suspended.
Assistant Commissioner Brett McFadden, Commander of Traffic and Highway Patrol, expressed his concern at the number of drivers who were speeding, and under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
“It’s not good enough,” he said.

Trail bike rider charged with high speed to have bike ‘confiscated’
A TRAIL bike rider has been charged by police responding to reports from the public of unregistered trail bikes riding dangerously on Roberts Road, Greenacre – travelling through red lights and at high speeds on one wheel.
Highway Parol officers performing duties for Operation Easter 2024, sighted one of the unregistered trail bikes travelling westbound on Norfolk Road, Greenacre.
They allegedly attempted to stop the trail bike, however a pursuit was initiated.
The unregistered trail bike, a Yamaha YZF450F, continued to flee through the back streets of Greenacre and entered Northcote Park, where the rider lost control and came off the bike. The rider attempted to flee on foot, however was arrested.
The 17-year-old male was charged for the offences of Police Pursuit, use unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle and unlicensed for class.
The Yamaha motorcycle was seized by police and an application will be made through the courts for the property to be forfeited to the Crown.