Teacher writes book to identify, tackle bullying

WITNESSING bullying for most of his life as a student, Roselands resident Nicholas Michels felt he was finally in a position to do something about it after graduating as a primary school teacher and being posted to Wiley Park Public School.

After seeing the success of his ‘social programs’ in which children with challenging behaviour are put in sporting teams, like touch football, Nicholas decided to go one step further and write a children’s book about bullying.
‘A Series of Regular Events Presents: Trevor’ is the first book of the series and is aimed at primary school aged children.
“As bullying is a worldwide issue that effects a number of children and their families every day, helping children identify bullying, either in their behaviour or the behaviour of others, is a great step to minimising the problem,” Nicholas said.
Trevor is the biggest kid in his school. He is also one of the teachers’ favourite students. But he has a secret. He is a bully. So what will happen when the teachers at his school finally see his true colours?
“The book has an untraditional ending where Trevor promises to change when he is caught in the act but ultimately doesn’t,” Nicholas said.
“So sometimes there is nothing you can do except to change yourself and we have class lessons about that. I have great rapport with my class of Year 6, with many of them having challenging behaviours which are definitely improving so I guess that’s my strongest suit as a teacher and I hope ‘Trevor’ can support and inspire more kids.”
‘Trevor’ is available to buy online or through all good book stores.