Teacher wrestles way to place in Survivor series

A MEMBER of our own tribe is about to take on the best of other tribes around the nation in a physical and mental challenge not for the faint of heart.

Revesby’s Matty Farrelly, 29, has been selected to take part in Australia’s Survivor series this year and is set to make us proud.
He’s used to juggling widely varying roles – an unassuming high school history teacher by day but by night, for last three years, the contender has been transforming into the arrogant yet unstoppable ‘Matty Warlburg’ and competing in pro wrestling titles.
We got a chance to catch up with Matty before he heads off to Fiji for the show.

How does it feel to be selected?
“Really, really cool, guess it’s something you never assume you’re going to get through with 1,600 people applying, but I was very excited to be selected.”
Have you been preparing for the show?
“Very much so, the moment I found out I was on the show I started to prepare my body, knowing the challenges that were coming up.
“I’ve also changed my diet knowing I wasn’t going to be eating as much as I do in my normal life.”

Are you wary of any of the other contestants taking part this year?
“ET (Andrew Ettingshausen) was one that peaked my interest, especially because when I was little I used go down and watch him play footy. He was a beast and you see him now and he’s in just as good a nick as he was then, so he’ll be one I’ll be keeping my eye on.”
With all the eyes of Canterbury Bankstown on this inspiring, multi-talented success story, we’re certain he has what it takes to be the last man standing; the tribe has spoken.