Tax Time – How taking time to get right vital


TAXPAYERS have been warned against rushing to lodge their tax returns early in July, with those who do twice as likely to make a mistake.

Australian Taxation Office Assistant Commissioner Rob Thomson said he was focused on supporting taxpayers to get their lodgement right the first time.
If you have received income from multiple sources, you need to wait until this is pre-filled in your tax return before lodging.
For most people, this information will be automatically pre-filled in their tax return by the end of July – helping make the process smoother, save you time and help you get your tax return right.
“We see lots of mistakes in July where people have forgotten to include interest from banks, dividend income, payments from other government agencies and private health insurers,” Mr Thomson said.
“We know some prefer to tick their tax return off the to-do list early and not think about it for another 12 months, but the best way to get it right is to wait just a few weeks to lodge.”
“Take the time to get your return right.”
This includes your contact details, address and bank details. Updating these after you lodge may cause delays.
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