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Taste benefit of own garden

Mohammed Zamain with Kalam Khan in his garden with produce Photo: Radim Cechvala Story:

COUNCILLOR Mohammad Zaman wants a fresh approach to promoting healthy eating and reducing obesity. He wants Canterbury Bankstown Council to encourage more residents to be like Wiley Park’s Kalam Khan and reap the benefits of growing some of their own food.

FIGHTING for a healthier and cleaner community, Cr Mohammad Zaman wants more residents to taste the benefits of growing their own vegetables.

He will ask the council to consider that as part of the 2019-20 Operational Plan, it encourages the community to grow their own food, by promoting and supporting residents to set up backyard vegetable gardens.

Cr Zaman said the initiative – which could include information about establishing a garden bed and what are the best vegetables to grow – has been something that the community has been demanding to help a cleaner, greener city.

He says backyard gardening helps improve our physical and mental health, and saves money on fresh food – all while creating less waste.

“Finally, it entails social interactions where the entire family can participate together,” he said.

A council spokesperson says they have always encouraged residents to adopt more sustainable practices on their properties, including the growing of vegetable gardens.

She said that during June and July, the council would be running weekly gardening and composting workshops, which focus on developing skills and obtaining knowledge of gardening, sustainability and environmental protection.

“We also hold a number of Wheelie Good Compost giveaways throughout the year, using the contents of resident garden waste to make compost for them to use in their garden,” she said.

Residents who would like more information on what is offered, are encouraged to visit cb.city/waste.