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Taser men in ‘brawl’ arrest

POLICE were forced to use their tasers during the arrest of two men in Greenacre early last Sunday morning after an alleged brawl and threats against officers.

Just after 12.45am, police were called to Bromley Avenue, Greenacre, following reports a group of people were involved in a brawl.
As they arrived on scene, the group dispersed but a 65-year-old man sustained an injury to his face after allegedly being assaulted. He was taken to hospital for treatment.
Soon after, police attended a nearby home on Noble Avenue, where a man is alleged to have produced a knife and threatened officers.
A perimeter was established and with the assistance of specialist resources, police forced entry to the home about 7.45am and two men aged 22, were arrested after tasers were deployed.
The other occupants of the home – five men, two women and a child – were uninjured.
Both men were charged with resist/hinder officer in execution of duty, with the Strathfield man receiving additional charges of intimidate police officer in execution of duty without actual bodily harm and assault police officer in execution of duty without actual bodily harm.