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‘Sweetest castaway’ sails in for Supanova

STILL partial to coconut cream pie, one of America’s most favourite daughters and Gilligan’s Island’s sweetest castaway, Dawn Wells – who played Mary Ann – is among a dazzling line up to feature at Supernova (Sydney Showground, Olympic Park) later this month.

The Canterbury Bankstown Torch spoke to Miss Wells ahead of her arrival.
How will it it feel to be back on another isolated island like Australia?
“I love Australia, I’ve been there several times. I wish I was there right this minute … if I were stranded there, I would be very happy.”
Starting out, did she think the show would be such a massive success?
“I didn’t think so, the press and everyone thought it would last about 10 weeks but we’ve never been off the air since 1964, which is amazing.”
Why do you think the show resonates so well with people and continues to do so?

“I think everybody just wants to escape and we were just a few friends somewhere that nobody knew. I think seven people together that weren’t relatives made a difference as well.”
Was it as fun to work on as it was to watch?
“Oh we had a wonderful time, the cast was fantastic, we had some great comedians, we all loved each other. I think you saw that.”
What was Gilligan or Bob Denver like in real life?
“Very very smart, very intellectual but watching the show you wouldn’t know that. He was wonderful with politics, mathematics and raising children.”
And the skipper (Alan Hale Jr)?
“Alan reminded me of my dad. He was full of joy, full of love, and he was charismatic.
What about Mr and Mrs Howell (Jim Backus and Natalie Schafer) ?
“The were exactly the characters they played, very much. They were charming, delightful and rich.”

Was there any rivalry with Ginger (Tina Louise)?
“We were two different archetypes of women in our generation. She was sensual and sexy while Mary Ann would probably wash your dishes and take care of your kids.”
Other stars featuring in Supanova on June 21-23, include Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), Anson Mount (Star Trek: Discovery), Stephen Amell (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, TMNT: Out of the Shadows), David Ramsey (Arrow, The Flash, Dexter), Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie) and Gaku Space (Overwatch) plus many more including stars from the original Mad Max franchise.
Tickets: On sale now through Moshtix.