Survivor’s King George shares winning secrets

LARGER than life Bankstown personality George Mladenov has written his first book, ‘How to Win Friends and Manipulate People’ and in true George style, is now in the running to win Booktopia’s Favourite Australian Book of 2023.

A motivational guidebook that teaches readers how to emulate the cunning, dastardly qualities they love in their favourite Survivor TV villain, each chapter features a core anecdote that teaches the reader how George secured his desired outcome.
These lessons are drawn from key points in George’s life, from his upbringing in a tight-knit Macedonian-Greek household in Bankstown, his life as a Labor Party operative and his poker career, to masterminding tribes on Survivor and slaying The Amazing Race Australia with sister Pam.
He says there’s a common thread to succeeding in all of these fields – controlling situations, controlling outcomes and controlling people.
“There is no doubt you can succeed in all aspects of your life when you know how to effectively win friends and manipulate people,” he said.
“If you nail this, like I have, you will get the outcome you want in any situation.
“This book will teach you the strategies I’ve learnt for seizing power but doing so with a smile that’s guaranteed to earn you legions of loyal followers.”
Crediting teachers at Bankstown Public and La Salle College Bankstown for helping develop his strong English skills, George says even though his book falls into the self-help category, it’s a fun, entertaining read.
“I’m certainly excited by what I’ve been able to achieve in the last three years and can’t wait to find out what’s next,” he said.
You can catch George on 10play’s ‘Talking Tribal’ each week on the 11th Survivor season, ‘Titans V Rebels’, which premiered on January 29.
To obtain a copy of his book, go to Big W or online book stores such as amazon or booktopia.