Support needed for young to fulfil dream

Auburn Youth Centre (AYC) executive officer Dean de Haas is hoping a corporate donor will step up to help them continue vital youth employment and engagement programs.

WHILE more than $2.2 million in donations recently poured in to support a certain high profile rugby player, the team at the Auburn Youth Centre (AYC) have also been fundraising, although with a far less ambitious target in mind.

AYC executive officer Dean de Haas says the AYC only needs $30,000 to help them continue running employment programs for young people.
“With this we wouldn’t pay lawyers but provide free hospitality training and support to young people so that they can find work,” he said.
“Youth unemployment is 46 per cent higher in our area than in the rest of Sydney. Our programs engage young people, the one in eight aged over 15 who are neither working or studying.
“So far AYC has helped nine people find jobs in the last two months.”
Mr de Haas says they do receive some State Government grants, as well as very generous support from Club Dooleys, but a $30,000 deficit in their budget means they can’t run some other much needed programs this year.
“We are looking for corporate sponsorship for our employment programs and so we can resume a music program,” he said.
“If you think helping youth unemployment is important, make a tax deductible donation at or call us at 9646 2122”.
Founded in 1986, the AYC helps young people fulfil their dreams through a range of education, training, counselling and support programs.