Supertee giving sick youth more strength

SICK children at Bankstown Hospital have been given a dose of superhero strength thanks to a donation of Supertees to the children’s ward.

A medical garment disguised as a superhero costume, Supertees open under the arms for easy thermometer access and press studs to bypass tubes.
More than 100 garments were donated to the hospital, thanks to the support of Lantern Club at Roselands where employees packed Supertee kits, complete with handwritten messages of support for children and their parents.
The delivery comes as Supertee launches its Christmas fundraiser to ensure all sick children can receive a dose of superhero strength this festive season.
Chester Hill Supertee Founder and CEO Jason Sotiris said it’s more important than ever to support children facing serious health battles.
A former tradie, Jason came up with the idea for the Supertee when his daughter Angela was in hospital with a rare form of cancer at 12 months old.
“She was being treated for Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis and I felt helpless not being able to do the simple task of putting clean clothes on her with IV drips, chest monitor cables and central lines making it impossible,” he said.
“Having a child who is in hospital is hard at any time of year but it’s even more challenging at Christmas when it feels like the rest of the world is celebrating and your child is missing out.
“By providing a Supertee we not only make them feel more comfortable than wearing a hospital gown, we can trigger their imagination which leads to play, helping them get through their battle.”
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