Superstar wrestles way in to do battle

WORLD Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Brian Kendrick is flying in from the USA to take on All-Star Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Orlando Jordan on a must-see night of thrills and spills for action fans at Padstow RSL later this month.

Titled ‘Survival of the Fittest’, the sensational family-friendly show on Saturday, February 17, from 6.30pm, will also feature 20 wrestling stars competing in a 20-man, over the top, royal rumble match to determine the number one contender for the All-Star Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.
All-Star Wrestling’s Mitch Christen said fans would also get to enjoy all of their All-Star favourites on the night.
“The rumble entrants include Aries, Cesar and Mike Valuable, along with recent entrants Bee Boy, who has been on a roll since A Night to Remember, Johnny Starr, a master technician in the ring and former heavyweight and tag team champion Keegan Brettle,” he said.
“With Keegan’s track record, he’d certainly be one of the favourites coming into this especially if he can get a late number and remain fresh throughout.
“In the main event, it will be exciting to see Orlando get in there with his old foe Kendrick, with heaps of surprises expected throughout the night.”
Tickets start at $30 with a meet and greet for $35 and are available at